October 19, 2010

Poached Chicken Noodle Soup

The urge to cook came over me on Sunday afternoon and as it had a week of minor feasting, I decided to make something simple and hopefully healthy for dinner.

So, chicken noodle soup it was to be but instead of cooking the chicken to bits in the soup I decided to de-bone the chicken, use the bones to add flavour to the soup and poach the chicken meat to preserve texture and flavour.

Poached Chicken Noodle Soup
Time: 1-1.5 hours
Serves 3-4

Half a chicken
2 carrots
1 leek
3 ribs of celery
500 ml chicken stock
1.5l water
150g macaroni or noodle of choice
Roasted garlic

De-bone the chicken, separate the thigh and the breast meat, and reserve the bones for the soup. Marinade the chicken with salt, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil and set aside while you prepare the vegetables (optional). Dice the carrots and slice the leek and celery.

Brown the chicken pieces and bones (skin side down first) in a large stock pot and set aside. Add oil and cook carrots and leeks for a few minutes, then add in celery. Season with salt and add in chicken stock, water and chicken bones, making sure to deglaze the bottom. Bring to a boil then simmer for at least 30 minutes.

Add in chicken pieces and poach at low heat till cooked, approximately 15 minutes. Remove and slice after resting the meat for a bit. Add in macaroni and cook till required doneness. Serve with some roasted garlic scattered on top.

Note: I left the skin on because I am a sucker for chicken skin but if you want it healthier you can remove the skin.

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June 17, 2010

Father's Day 2010

This is my menu for Father's Day this weekend. We recently went to Jaan Par Andre for lunch, on the very last day that Andre Chiang was there. While my food is light years removed, this menu is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Andre's magic, especially the dessert.

Julienne of cabbage with peanut butter dressing

Main Event
Pork ribeye burger, recommended with blue cheese mayonnaise and pear slices


Cheddar-stuffed Rosemary Beef Burger, recommended with garlic aioli


Grilled fishcakes, recommended with tartar sauce

Accompaniments: sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, eggs sunny side up

Sago Gula Melaka version 2010

Of all the dishes mentioned above, only the dessert (assuming it's successful) will push the envelope. We've all had sago gula melaka with the wobbly semi-solid sago and the delicious gula melaka and coconut cream sauce. My version (hopefully!) is an inversion, where the gula melaka and coconut becomes the solid and the sago the liquid. So, I'm going to make a log consisting of a layer of coconut ice cream and a layer of gula melaka ice cream and drizzle sticky sloppy sago just before serving.


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April 16, 2010

Forbidden Sandwich...

I have just gotta try THIS!

It sounds like a artery-clogging, fat-inducing meat fest but it looks really tasty!Just looking at it is making me drool (and put on 2 kg spontaneously!)...

To paraphrase Homer, "Mmmmm. Forbidden sandwich.... *gurgle*"

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April 13, 2010

The Adventures of Silly Girl: Silly Girl Goes to Tokyo!

Silly Girl makes her first ever trip to Tokyo! Ohayo gozaimasu! Hai!

Silly Girl discovers the wonders of the heated toilet. Ahhhhh, shiok. It's really nice to sit on a warm seat even if the room is a nice toasty 24C. The amazing toilet also does other tricks, like shooting water up Silly Girl's bum. Teeheehee. It also plays music that sounds like flushing water to hide the tinkle sound of pee and the plop sound of poop.

Silly Girl also abandons herself to the pleasures of Japanese food. Tonkatsu from a hole in the wall near her hotel turns out to be pretty darn good, whilst ramen under the train tracks is super yummy. A bowl of beef udon at Narita Airport leads Silly Girl to wonder why she doesn't eat udon more often. Best of all, MOSBurger! Silly Girl has a Cheesy Burger with Special Sauce and it is almost the best burger she's ever had. Silly Girl even licks up the special sauce from the wrapper.

Finally, Silly Girl gets to see the sakura up close and personal. Yay! Silly Girl decides that she likes Japan and will wanna visit more often. :)

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April 06, 2010

Healthy Lifestyle, Anyone?

As part of my 2010 goals I decided to give healthy living a try. I thought I'd try to wake up earlier, get in some exercise before going to work, get more sleep and eat healthier.

3 months into 2010 and my batting average's hovering around .500. Thanks to a new boss, I'm waking up earlier to get to work on time. (Sigh. Getting stuck in rush-hour traffic is NO FUN. But nooooo. I have to be in on time.) And because I have to get to work on time, there goes the option of getting some exercise in before going to work, because I'll be damned if I have to wake up before the sun rises.

I'm also eating healthier by giving up my traditional curry-puff-and-kopi work breakfast. This used to be a workday staple, but now I've switched to muesli and/or granola instead, depending on which one is on sale. It's rabbit food, no doubt, but it's tasty and I get more fibre into my diet as well... I'm still sticking to the kopis and kopi-o's though - some things, like TV channels and lucky socks, should NEVER be changed!

As for sleep, well, that's irregular. All in all, I'd say I'm getting more sleep than before, but not on a nightly basis. Over Good Friday I slept 15 hours, and that was a good Friday indeed! Of course, the nights before I averaged about 4 hours each, thanks to the perils of late-night cable and a TV that's right in front of my bed. Still, the black rings under my eyes are now a lightish-brown so I'd say I'm having some success here.

Most importantly, I've started exercising. My sis dragged us all to this PowerPlate class over at Dempsey and it's tougher than I thought it would be. Pretty good fun though, and two days after the session my arms are still achey. I love the muscle-achey feeling; it's a feel-good pain!

Next up, to get my ass back to softball training AND to finally break 90 on the golf course. Stay tuned! :D

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March 23, 2010

Pet Peeve # (I've Lost Count)

Net pet peeves to add to the list.

1) Super huge restrooms with really cramped cubicles

Whenever I'm on one of my numerous work trips, I like to change into comfy clothes before boarding my homeward-bound flight. Most of the time I'm already checked out so I normally have to find some place to change. And every single time, whether it be a restroom at a swanky hotel in China/India/US or in some airport, there's never any space in the cubicle. At one 5-star hotel in China, it was so cramped that I had to stand sideways against the wall to close the door because there was just enough room for the door to clear the toilet. It really bugs me, especially in an airport where you'd expect people to have some form of luggage, that they would design restrooms with enough space to fit a car across cubicles but not in the cubicle itself.

2) KS people who push their way through to the front of a crowded elevator

I'm at work, the elevator's crowded and then some idiot decides to push his/her way through to the front. Ok, fine, maybe those few seconds will make a real difference to soneone's life. But what I don't get is when the door opens on the ground floor the same idiot takes his/her own sweet time to get out. Dude, if you were in such a f*cking hurry to get to the front of the elevator, why are you not in a f*cking hurry to get out???

And then after you get out, don't stop right in front of the doors and block everyone else! It's not as if you're slim enough that everyone can make their way past you.

3) Idiots who take ages to get out of the elevator when you're waiting to get in

The elevator at my office building has these weird-ass settings where the door closes pretty fast on you, so you really have to jump in pretty quickly. What really bugs me is when the door opens and there's only one person in the elevator who then takes ages to get out. Why, I don't know. You're on the ground floor already, did you not know that you'd be getting out at the ground floor? Why do you have to wait till the elevator makes its way to the ground floor and the door opens that you begin to gather up all your junk?

Then after she (it's ALWAYS a woman who does this) makes her leisurely way out of the elevator, the people who have been waiting patiently outside get to file their way in and half the time we get our elbows bruised because the door's on the way to closing and it doesn't stop till it hits someone.

Thanks for nothing, dumbass.

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March 22, 2010

Carbo Loading, Japanese Style

My (crazy) BIL took part in the half Ironman yesterday and had to carbo-load for the race the past few days. So I decided to chip in with a pasta dish.

My offering: Sakura Ebi Linguine with Mentaiko

I <3 mentaiko pasta. It's easy to make, tastes divine and is *hopefully* a bit healthier without a cream-based sauce. This time around, I decided to add sakura ebi to give it some crunch. I think the whole ebis give it some visual oomph, but next time I'll probably chop some up and mix them into the pasta.

My sis and I also made dessert: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Panna Cotta courtesy of the NYTimes. It was a breeze to make but I think I'll amp up the chocolate/nutella flavour the next time I make it.

Sakura Ebi Pasta with Mentaiko

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Panna Cotta, and a home-style fried rice courtesy of Martha Wannabe

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March 18, 2010


It's been a long time coming...

That's not to say that I haven't been thinking bitchy thoughts; just that I've been too lazy/out of sorts to blog in a while. But this was so funny I had to share it.

From my college roomie who says the funniest things in all seriousness:

"She's not old enough to be a cougar, but she could definitely be a puma."


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February 09, 2010

Tis The Season...

... for baking, baking and more baking.

This past weekend, I marshalled up the forces (a skeleton force indeed due to attrition over the years) and spent 2 days making peanut almond cookies and pineapple tarts, with our own home-made pineapple jam.

5 people in 10+ hours over 2 days = 8 1/2 recipes of peanut almond cookies and 2 1/2 recipes of pineapple tarts. And it's not close to being enough! I'm facing the prospect of having to work the next few nights making more pineapple tarts. We normally make open-faced tarts so I thought I would try making the closed version with some store-bought jam, just to fill up the bottles and make it look more 'presentable'.

If there's time I'm also going to make love letters aka egg rolls. We did that once, a long time ago. We set up the barbecue, thinking that after we made bottles and bottles of love letters we could feed the army of helpers with some good ol' BBQ.

HA. HA. HA. Oh ye of over-abundant faith. Who knew that love letters would be so damn tedious. After one afternoon of grilling and rolling and much swearing (due to burnt fingers) we ended up with one bottle. Albeit one big bottle but still, just one bottle. The helpers were so wiped out, we just ordered takeout instead.

So, it's probably just a pipe dream of mine to make love letters on my own this year. But I have to say, the home-made ones taste so much better than the ones you get commercially. Yum.

I leave you now with some pictures of our spoils. A lucky few will get to see these in person! :)

Pineapple tarts and peanut almond cookies waiting to be packed

The loot

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February 02, 2010

A Weekend Jaunt in Jerusalem

On a whim I took a quick trip to Jerusalem.

That's right: the Holy City.

I hopped onto Turkish Airlines from Shanghai (on the tail end of a work trip) on a Thursday night and by Friday mid-morning I was in Jerusalem. Woohoo! My first impression: the whole country is extremely rocky. My second impression: all the houses look the same, 1- or 2-storey buildings in the same colour.

As I walked around the Old City, I just kept wondering what it must have been like back in the year 1BC. Some of the streets are so narrow, they look like they've been there forever. But then some of the buildings look new enough that you don't really get the sense of history seeping through the stones. Plus, most of Jerusalem feels quite commercialised so perhaps a traveller making a pilgrimmage may be disappointed. As for me, I was glad I hopped onto the plane. 3 days may have been a tad too short, but I did manage to visit most of the historic sites and to immerse myself a little in the culture.

The only snag was that when I got to the airport on Sunday, my flight was delayed and as a result Turkish Airlines put me onto a different airline to get to my final destination of Shanghai. In the end, it wasn't really much of a snag because I ended up getting home 9 hours before scheduled :) And, I managed to watch Kingdom of Heaven on the plane as well, which was kinda apt.

Photos are here. I only brought my Fisheye Lomo as I didn't have space in my luggage for a big bulky camera. Lomo rocks!

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